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My name is Jack and my best friends name is Rick. Im just your average 19 year old with a body of a god (so ive been told anyway) and Rick was the definition of a god.

Me and Rick have been friends since freshman year of high school. I was the nerdy one and him the /athletic/">athletic one. He forced me into sports and working out thats how I got a body. I noticed I was starting to grow feelings for him during our jr year of highschool and he confirmed my feelings when I got to see him naked in the locker room.

Hes tall about 6"0 compared to my 6"2, he had a 6 pack with smooth chocolate skin, beautiful dark brown eyes with lips that were just made for kissing all night, and his cock beyond beautiful it was 8 inches soft /circumcised/">circumcised with a big head and thick as hell. Rick saw me staring and asked "You like what you see?" and I wanted to say "Hell yes!" but instead i said, "hell no, that thing should b illegal."

He had an expression on his face that I couldnt read, but he quickly covered it up with a smile and walked into the shower.

We both applied to the same college and got in. We decided since we were so close to each other to get a dorm together.

After about 2 weeks on campus we went to our first /party/college-party/">college party. Our next door neighbors (Josh and Craig) brought over a few bottles of liquor and we got a little tipsy before the /party/">party started. As soon as we stepped into the party later that night the females were all over Rick and myself, but i wasnt enjoying it knowing I was in love with stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv Rick.

About two hours into the party Rick was drunk and i told the fellas I was going to take Rick back to the dorm. I laid Rick on his bed and started taking off his clothes. Rick was beautiful laying there naked and he was semi hard. I always wondered what his dick would look like hard it was damn tempting.

Instead I was going to leave him on that bed untouched and naked as I was getting up Rick jumped on my back and started to grind against me. I was lost in the feeling of him grinding into me that all I could do was moan. I turned around and kissed him full on the mouth forcing my tongue down his throat tongue fucking his mouth.

He tasted like alcohol and mint a damn /exotic/">exotic taste. I came up for air and he said "i ve wanted to kiss you like that for years." I moaned and plunged back into his mouth he took my shirt and started to kiss on my neck down to my chest teasing my nipples with that /sweet/">sweet mouth and tongue. He licked, kissed, sucked and bit on them by this time my dick was on extra hard trying to find its way out my pants.

Rick laid me on the bed and started to kiss down my abs. He unbuckled my belt and pulled the zipper down with his teeth and pulled my pants off. He started to lick my cock through the fabric of my underwear making them wet from his saliva and my precum. I was moaning begging him to suck my dick.

He smiled and pulled off my underwear and a shocked look came on his face as my dick popped out at him. He said "Damn your huge and asked how big I was." I blushed and said "About 12 inches." He laughed and called me a horse then he started to lick my cock from the base to the head making me wither on the bed begging him to put it in his mouth.

When he did it was like heaven his tongue and his mouth were working together on sucking and licking the head of my dick the he went down further taking about 7my inches of me into his mouth before gagging making me groan and moan from the pleasure he was giving me. I held his head down and started to face fuck him while he played with my balls and /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole.

I was going to cum I could feel it so I told him, but he kept sucking me anyway making me /hard/cum-hard/">cum hard in his mouth and he swallowed it and cleaned my dick with that sweet mouth. He came up and kissed me I could taste myself on his tongue and it was making me get hard all over again. I asked him was he ready to be fucked he said yes.

Since we didnt have any lube i used my saliva as lube and lubed up his ass he was moaning my name and that got me harder. I lined up my dick to his hole and inserted into him slowly he was so damn tight took me about 5 minutes just to get the head in. He was moaning so loud I had to put my hand over his mouth as i went slowly into him.

I got 8 inches in and said "4 inches to go babe." And he said "shove that shit in rip my ass." I shoved it in and white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie started ramming into his ass he kept saying yes fuck this little pussy make me have your baby and that got me going faster and pounding him harder. After about 20 minutes we came together him on the bed and me in his ass.

I collapsed on top of him with my dick still in him he turned around and said "I love you jack and Ill be your bitch anytime." I kissed him and started to fuck him slowly again and said "Well, how about right now?" All he could do was moan.

This story is fictional nothing is true in this story