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My Wife (Tina) and I have been married for 27 Years and she has been telling me how she would like to spice up our sex life after it has become doll. (Tina does go out and FUCK other guys but she says getting FUCKED in the bed of a truck or in a car or on a car hood does not take care of here needs not one COCK at a time it is a turn on but she says she needs more.)

So I ask her what she would like. She said she would like to FUCK Two COCKS at the same time. So one night we were talking and she told me she would like to FUCK one of our friends and he is also an x-brother in-law. I asked Tina if she really the wwwxxx did need this and she said yes so I told her to call wwwxxx him. She did and he thought he was coming over to watch the football game but Tina put on some sexy lingerie and she waited for him to come over, Her Pussy the whole time getting wetter and wetter just waiting for him.

Soon a knock came to the door, Tina jumped up ran to the door, and stood behind it opened the door Dave stepped in and Tina closed the door dropped to her knees and pooled Dave’s COCK out. Before Dave know what was going on Tina was SUCKING his COCK. Dave looked downed and saw one of Tina’s TITS fill out when she dropped to her knees so Dave grabbed hold squeezed and rubbed it. Dave started saying I am going to CUM but Tina did not stop she need to taste his CUM Tina looked up at Dave and said, Thanks Dave I have needed that for a long time.

He said I have dreamed of you doing that every time I have seen you. Then Tina asked would you like some more I am very wet and in need of a good FUCKING can you help me out. Dave said yes, I can always use a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck.

Tina took Dave by the hand over to the sofa pushed him down pulled out his COCK again, and started to SUCK his COCK again. By now I started to get hard looking at Tina’s /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy because her lingerie did not cover them with her bent over. I could tell how wet Tina was because her PUSSY LIPS were very shiny. So I pulled out my COCK got behind her and FUCKED Tina until Dave CAME in her Mouth again and I CAME in her PUSSY. Than Dave said I need to FUCK you Tina. I have dreamed a long time of you and me getting together. I moved and Dave started to FUCK Tina and I sat on the sofa, so she could SUCK on my COCK.

When Dave pushed his COCK in Tina’s PUSSY she CAME what looked like a gallon on the floor. Dave pulled his COCK out of Tina’s PUSSY He never had a /women/">women to Cum like this before, Tina took her head off my COCK and said put your COCK back Dave put it back I need FUCKED from you I have waited so long put your COCK back. Dave pushed his COCK back in only this time deeper and Tina said I am going to CUM again so Dave FUCKED Tina HARDER and she SQUIRTED again. Then I CAME in Tina’s mouth and Dave CAME in her PUSSY for the /first-time/">first time tonight, Tina said I need more why don’t you guys take your HORNY /slut/cock-slut/">cock slut up to the bed room.

Going up steers we all lost or clothes and Tina walked us up holding our COCKS. She said you are going to take care of all my SLUT needs and we both said you ask we will do. She told me to lie on the bed which I did Tina started to SUCK my COCK and Dave got behind Tina and started to FUCK her again when Dave pushed his COCK in Tina’s PUSSY she CAME again, When Tina CAME this time she took her head off my COCK and said I love the feeling of your /cock/big-cock/">big cock in me Dave /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard yes just like that. Then Tina said I love having TWO COCKS I have needed TWO COCKS for a long time every time you FUCKED me lately honey I have dreamed of Dave FUCKING me to and just how his COCK would feel in me, She also said I do not know who I went all this time with only one COCK at a time FUCKING me.

Then Tina started to SUCK my COCK again and Dave started to FUCK Tina after about 15mins Tina took my COCK out of her MOUTH and said I need Two COCKS put to me I need to know what TWO COCKS fill like so Dave pulled his COCK out of Tina’s SOAKED PUSSY. Then I sled down under Tina and put my COCK in her PUSSY and she told Dave she need FUCKED in her SLUT ASS which Dave did. Before long Tina Squirted again which soaked me and the bed, and we both CAME in her. Tina said you Guys cannot be done because I can use a little bit more I am still so HORNY and WET, So Tina told us to lay on the bed and she SUCKED our COCKS until hard again.

Then Dave FUCKED Tina in the PUSSY well I FUCKED her in the ASS we both CAME in her once again, and Tina CAME herself this time with Dave FUCKING her Tina did not only SQUIRT she CAME like a FLASH FLOOD Dave was lying in a pound, She SUCKED our COCKS CLEAN and Tina said that was great I have need that for a long time. We go down steers to watch the end of the game. Going down steers we picked up our clothes but Tina told Dave and Me not to get dressed, and to set side by side on the sofa. She would like to SUCK our COCKS one more time well Tina SUCKED our COCKS she FINGER FUCKED her PUSSY to make her SELF CUM once more Dave and Me both FEED Tina once again. Tina LICKED her fingers off after FUCKING herself and told us all of the CUM together really tasted great.

After getting dressed we talked and Tina said she would like to do this again but next time she would like to add one more person and old coworker from her old job. I asked who and Tina said the guy I would FUCK on the HOOD of his car before work at the Dam. I ask why him and Tina said his COCK was HUGE and I got to SUCK it but never got to TASTE his CUM. Dave spook up and said Tina you really are a HORNY COCK SLUT I did not know you liked to SUCK and FUCK so much COCK. Tina says I have been HORNY all time any more I have been FUCKING myself with a DILDO TWO or THREE times a day just to get by.

Then I said ok call him but if he cannot make it I know a BLACK GUY with a /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock, and he just loves to FUCK white women, Tina said ok. Then Dave spook up and said why not just have a GANGBANG for you, and Tina said that sounds like a good thing too I like that I would like my PUSSY to be DRAINED of its CUM next time around. Tina said I will call a guy or two from work let’s set something up.

We talked a little more about when we were going to do this again, and the evening we all had. We did get to see the very end of the game. Dave got ready to leave gave Tina a hug rubbed her ASS and gave her a kiss and said I am looking forward to next time. Then Dave left Tina came back to me took my hand and said my PUSSY is still HORNY, HOT and WET you need to take your SLUT of a WIFE up steers and FUCK the shit out of me one more time. Before the night was over Tina had her MOUTH, ASS, and Pussy all CUMMED in again Tina CAME again to. She just can never get enough COCK put to her anymore, her PUSSY is always WET. Now it seems she is going to need more than ONE COCK to keep her happy.

By the time the night was over Tina EAT 6 LOADS of CUM had her PUSSY CAME in 5 times and her ASS 3 times, and Tina CAME 7 times herself.

(Stop Back for Her next COCK Adventure) The End