A Night at the Club

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A Night at the Club

One warm evening, as the sun was setting over the horizon, the skies glowing in beautiful purplish, reddish tones, a young lady of Asian descent began to undress. Alexis was preparing for a shower before heading out for a night on the town. Her body was that of perfection although she would never admit to it. She was proud though as she gazed into the mirror. Her supple breasts were perky and firm, every man’s /fantasy/">fantasy. They were soft and smooth to the touch. Her legs were strong but hidden with sex appeal. Although she was only 5-3, they appeared endless. The transition of those long curves into her pert ass was enough to make a man’s jaw drop. She jumped into the shower. As the water beads ran across her back and bosom, she wished she had company. Her hand started massaging her breasts longing to be touched. Suddenly the phone rang awakening her from her subconscious. It was her friend Jay. She admired the way he carried himself and was strangely attracted to him. He had called to say he would be there in 30 minutes to pick her up for a night of clubbing according to what she could make out from the message machine. She quickly finished her shower, the water trickling off her.

She had picked out a strapless red shirt which showcased her new navel piercing. Accompanying that would be a miniskirt over a black g-string. She loved watching his eyes gleam with lust yet softly suggesting how tender he would treat her body in a moment of passion. She wondered what the night would bring. The sexual tension had been building between them in the recent weeks. She sprayed herself with a sexy scent that brought men to their knees begging for her company. As she finished putting on her eyeliner, the doorbell rang. Her heart raced as she glanced one last time at her reflection smiling knowing she would keep Jay peaked all night while they danced without caution.

She opened the door. He cleaned up nicely. He was donning a pair of jeans with a light yellow tint and a button-down white dress shirt which was textured. She couldn’t help but feel turned on as she smelled his scent. He was wearing Clix. His smile widened with the door. As they leaned in for a hug, her chest pressed against him firmly. Her head placed in the nook of his neck. She wanted to kiss it as she breathed the intoxicating air once again. Jay, meanwhile, was pondering how nicely that ass would feel in his hand if he were to lower it and squeeze. The thought of that tight, fleshy skin buried in his hand was turning him on. His /erection/">erection was beginning to grow and Alexis felt it pressing against her hoping to be freed from the restraints of his pants. She was pleased with her ability to cause such a reaction. How she wished to ease his suffering. She yearned to unzip his pants and run her tongue across the soft flesh of it providing him with pleasure only a mouth could provide. They broke ties finally and headed out to the club.

As they drove, the heat between them was steaming the windows. Jay couldn’t keep his eyes off her nor her off him. Little was said as they can’t focus on anything besides the sexual chemistry that is so prevalent. They both kept dreaming about their naked bodies pressed against each other with sweat glowing on them. They were in for a torturous night.

They reached the club and the ambience which was relaxing, yet exciting at the same time with a blue and green haze. They immediately headed out to the dance floor. The place was filled to capacity so they had to stay closely knit, not that either minded. The aroma from their bodies emanating from them mixed with sweat only enhanced the lust they felt. They grinded on each other, her ass cheeks straddling his engorged cock, teasing both of them with the same images. If only he could lift up that skirt and pull out his hard-on and just rub it between her cheeks. The /ecstasy/">ecstasy would drive them to fucking right there without a thought of who was watching. They somehow managed to refrain and instead grabbed a booth in a dark corner of the club after getting a couple of bottles of water. As she tilted her head back to drink, he couldn’t help but take notice of her slender neckline and the shape of her sleek, sensuous shoulders. Beads of sweat were running off them sliding around her voluptuous breasts drawing attention to her cleavage. As his eyes continued to pan down, he found the small gem of the piercing, the crown of her abdomen. Her stomach was lustrous and sexy. He caught a glimpse of her opening her legs slightly allowing him to trace her thighs to her g-string. She had been watching him admire her every inch of flesh and noticed the tent forming in his pants. Her legs were reacting to her hormones which were making her wet. Her panties were drenched and her moistness was escaping down her legs. Jay caught a whiff and it drove him over the edge. He dove in to kiss her catching her off-guard, but she had wanted it all night. Their tongues probed each others’ mouths in blind passion. Jay placed his hand on her thigh and slowly inched his way upward. His other hand rested on the back of her head. When he reached her wet g-string, he slid them to the side and began rubbing her clitoris feverishly making her moan into his mouth. She reached for his cock and quickly unzipped his pants in response. He helped by unbuttoning them allowing her to hold and pump him with ease. He then took his hand and placed a digit inside her, stroking her g-spot. As she milked him, she kept pace with his hand on her, both going hard and fast. It didn’t take long for either of them to reach /climax/">climax. The music drowned out their moans. When Alexis felt his rod stiffen, she reached for the pile of napkins and placed them at the head of his cock. He let out jet after jet of hot juice while she ground her hips against his hand. Her body shook simultaneously with his. It didn’t take long for either of the two to realize they hadn’t been seen but it wouldn’t be much longer before someone saw them. They fixed themselves and went to the bathrooms to freshen up.

When they met again, both smiling inexplicable, they thought they should probably leave. Jay sped back to her house, neither speaking through words, solely through eye contact. They didn’t make far inside before they pinned each other against the wall ripping their clothes off one another. She saw Jay was riding high and dropped to her knees. She had felt its size earlier but that hadn’t done it much justice. She examined it first, her eyes lighting up. She felt like it was her /first-time/">first time again. She was nervous but she was experienced this time. She knew he would be putty in her hands’and mouth in not time. She teased him with her nails slowly and lightly running across his balls and up the shaft. She lightly grabbed the base of his cock and gracefully pulled toward the head alternating hands with each pass, adding a small twist of the hand at the top. Jay’s eyes rolled to the back of his head while letting out a gasp of air. Her hands were small and angelic. He had imagined similar desires before but they couldn’t compare to this great feeling. She began to kiss the tip massaging it delicately. She gazed upward at him, watching his body’s every movement. She was in control and she loved it. He made eye contact and Alexis winked while smiling with his erection still inside here mouth. She had let the drool run down the shaft lubricating her hands in the process. She drove her mouth forward as deep as she could take it. Jay moaned loudly. He hadn’t expected it and he was enthralled by it. Her mouth was so hot inside and moist. He got even harder at the sight of his shaft running along the sides of bokep sma pecah perawan her cheek, while her mouth stretched to encompass the girth. She pumped him with her mouth sucking like a vacuum on the upstrokes and relaxing and breathing on the down strokes, her hands moving as an extension of her warm lips. His legs began shaking. He was nearing orgasm and didn’t want to come yet. It would be even more powerful if he waited. He pulled her up and kissed her, backing her to the staircase forcing here to lie there gently while he traced his way down her body with kisses.

She didn’t need warmed up too much; her pussy was dripping. Traces of her lubricant could be seen on the hardwood floor where they had crossed the floor. As her aroma filled his nostrils, an animalistic desire took over. He plunged his tongue into her thermos of lust. He was thirsty and wanted every last drop as he lapped up all that he could. He was like a tiger who hadn’t eaten in a week. The frenzied pace at which he fed upon her clit and parted her lips diving his tongue deep into her canal was making her convulse. She squeezed her legs around his head almost suffocating him. Just before Alexis’ orgasm, Jay placed two fingers at the entrance to her and pounded them fully into her repeatedly. Her body couldn’t take anymore and she erupted all over his face. He got what he could get and then lined up his cock to her cunt and used the head to circle the rim twice before thrusting deep inside her. She almost came again letting out a muted scream. Jay picked her up and carried her to her bed. He laid her on the edge so that he could stay standing while pushing his member deeper with each penetrating stab. From this position he could encapsulate all her beauty. The seat radiated off her every curve magnifying just how hot she truly was. Alexis had lost control of the conquest but didn’t mind. Jay appeared to know her ever wanton desire. Jay loved it too. The walls of her cavern encased his cock perfectly. She had been flexing those muscles with each pleasurable breach of her opening.

She pulled herself towards him kissing and sucking on his neck and chest. Holding her, she wrapped her legs around him. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks spreading them apart while she bounced on him trying to bring herself to orgasm. She rocked on old waman xxxgx his sturdy iron grinding her clit against his body. His legs began to tremble from immense pleasure. He laid down allowing her complete control once again.. She placed her feet flat next to him riding his pole with great speed. He let her know he was about to come and as he groaned shooting streams along here walls, she lets go and floods his pistol with her own juices.