The Adventures Of Pranay Chapter One The Soccer Captain

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The Adventures Of Pranay Chapter One The Soccer Captain

"Nice shot, little P!" Zack yelled, his voice carrying across the soccer field. I had just shot the winning goal at Regionals " we were going to states.

I'm Pranay Patel. My parents moved from India 18 years ago, one year before I was born. I'm 5 foot 2, thin, and very young looking. I have short, kinda spiky hair, deep brown eyes, latte-colored skin, a killer smile, and one hell of an ass. It's round, juicy, and oh-so-fuckable. My dick is about 4.5 inches, but don't laugh. It's big compared to the rest of my body. That doesn't really matter, however, because I'm a total bottom. I just love being fucked, especially by guys who are older than me. I'm also about sucking dick. Yum!

Besides the whole thing, I'm quite a bit different from your typical Indian teenager. I don't go to math camp. I'm not even that good at math! In fact, I'm kind of a jock. I'm the only freshman on the Varsity soccer, and I even get field time. My parents get upset that my favorite hobby isn't studying, but I pull off A's, so they don't mind so much. They aren't too supportive of my soccer career, though. They don't even come to my games. I guess that can be a good thing sometimes"

CHAPTER ONE " The Soccer Captain

Zack, the team captain, gave me a pat on the back. I looked up at him and smiled. He is " the kind of beauty you only dream about. His dyed-blond hair always creeps into his penetrating blue eyes. His face is like a Greek god. His body is pure muscle " lean, built, perfect. He's about 6 foot 2, and all man. He's not the sharpest tool in the box, but then again, nobody's perfect. Unfortunaltly, he's as straight as they come. He's had sex with more girls than your typical .

"Good hustle out there, P! Really nice job," said Zack, smiling at me. My insides melted. I must have looked it, too, because Zack shouted, "Hey, P, snap out of it! Move, it's time for the after-game meeting!"

I hurried after Zack, into the locker room. I was attacked by the smell of sweat that filled the room. Dodging around the benches that were attached to the tile floor, and running around the lockers, I took xnxxv sunny leone video a seat in front of Coach Thorton.

"You played good out there, men! We"re going to states!" A cheer rose up around him, every player thrilled at the fact. "Settle down now!" Coach commanded, and order was quickly restored. He lifted up the soccer ball we had just been playing with. "Game ball " Pranay Patel."

He gave me the game ball! After every winning game, Coach selects the player who did the best to receive the game ball, and he had chosen me! Even better than that, Zack gave me another huge smile. God, he was gorgeous. I decided right then, I had to have him inside me.

After every game, I perform the same ritual. All the other players leave in their cars (I'm the only one not old enough to drive), so I have the whole locker-room to myself. I then stretch out, when I'm all alone and it's quiet. It's my way to cool down after the game. Today, I was going to make sure Zack saw.

I caught Zack just before he left. "Zack, could you stay for a bit? I have something to ask you."

"Sure, P, no problem. Nice hustle out there today, by the way."

I grinned sheepishly at his compliment. After all the other players, and Coach Thorton, left the locker room, I laid, face up, on the end of one of the benches and called Zack over to me. 

"Zack, I have a few questions for you about stretching," I told him. "Is this a good way to get my hamstrings stretched?" I then grabbed my ankles, pulling my feet almost to my face. Zack seemed surprised at my flexability.

"Uh" yeah, I guess. That does stretch out that muscle."

"Could you help me with it? Push me legs down just a bit farther?"

Zack did what I asked him to. His crotch rubbed against my ass. I felt a tingly rush of energy run through my body. I knew this was my chance. I used my thumbs to gently slide my soccer shorts just down to my thighs, just enough for my rock solid cock to pop out. Per team tradition, I didn't wear any underwear under my soccer shorts.

Zack looked down at my dick that had just sprung up below him. He looked confused for a second, but then got the picture. I guess he was horny, because he just ripped my shorts off my body. I mean, he really ripped them. They were torn completely in half when he threw then across the locker room. I knew he wasn't gay, so I guess he just needed some sex really . His own shorts dropped to his ankles as placed his face by my cock.

His tongue started at the tip of my dick and ran along it. It traced down the shaft, lapping at my small balls. He then maneuvered it onto my ass, and began to lick. His tongue covered my crack with saliva. I shivered in pleasure as he stuck his tongue into my real forced anal against her will tight pucker.

"Oh god, Zack, eat it! Eat my ass!"

He sucked noisily, loosening my ass up. His tongue circled the inside of my hole. I gripped the bench with both hands, struggling to stay on despite my orgiastic thrashing. Although I could have enjoyed it forever, his rimming ended abruptly. I knew what was coming next.

Standing up, I finally got a good view of Zack's cock. Like the rest of him, it was perfect, and huge. It was easily ten inches, probably more, and sticking straight out. I grabbed my ankles harder and tried to relax.

His cock slowly started to push into me. I felt the thick tip of the head push against my spit-lubed pucker. Soon, the entire head was in. Sill moving very slowly, he moved his entire shaft into my as it widened to accomadate him.

Zack began to thrust, moving his cock in and out, over and over again. I clenched my ass, causing Zack to moan.

"God, Pranay, your ass in amazing! Ohh! Fuck yeah, fuck yeah!"

I saw his built, muscled body through the thin wife-beater he was wearing. The V of his lower abs rippled as he fucked me.

He began poking at my prostate with his huge prick. I came all over my stomach, wads of sticky, shooting all over myself. This set Zack off, making him shoot his load into my ass. He sighed, and tried to walk away, but I wasn't done with him yet.

I rolled over, grabbed the back of his shirt, and spun him around. I practically attacked his quickly softening dick with my mouth, tasting the cum that covered it. I put my right hand near the base of his giant monster cock, and fed myself. It grew quickly in my mouth. With my left, I tugged on his balls. 

My tongue swirled around his head before I let it slide into my throat. I moved my head back and forth, tightening and opening my lips as I moved. Suddenly, I felt Zack's hands on the back of my head. He pulled me all the way down to his pubes, forcing his massive tool all the way down my throat. I smelled the sweaty, manly scent of his body as he began to facefuck me.

I made little choking noises as his cock ran in and out of my mouth. Zach was having too much fun to notice, however.

"Take that cock! Take it! None of the girls I fuck can get it that far into their mouths. You"re fucking incredible!"

I felt his balls tense up in my hand. I prepared myself, and strands of salty, manjuice covered my throat and mouth. I swallowed it all.

Zack walked away, rinsing himself off in the shower before driving home. Once he had left, I hopped into the shower, rinsed off the cum, and began to walk home. I needed to study.