Hildas Pregnancy

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Hildas Pregnancy

From my previous tales you will know that Braboy loves bras breasts and everything about them.
Let me tell you how I used to masturbate every morning to a young married woman called Hilda.
Hilda was of medium height with a lovely pair of 34C breasts.
Hilda had not been married for more than a couple of years and was not yet /pregnant/">pregnant.
Her body however cried out for fertilization by a penis. Her hips and thighs just screamed out for a penis and a flow of warm /semen/">semen into her vagina and womb.

She never knowingly exposed her breasts or bra to the people around her but I found a way of seeing more than most of her breasts.
From my office window, which overlooked the main entrance of the building I could look down on people entering the company?s offices.

I noticed that Hilda was also an early starter at work and as I got to the office by 6.30 daily I was usually there before her. I knew exactly where she parked her car and always watched her walk the few hundred yards to the main entrance. I started just stroking my xxx penis while I watched but this soon developed into a full-scale masturbation every day of the week.
I found that I could actually see down the front of her dress daily, to her breasts and her bra and sometimes the start of one of her nipples.
My penis enjoyed the stroking daily but I wanted more of Hilda and worked a way to get it.

She worked in the credit control department and some times I had to go up there and see her. We knew each other but not very well. The offices were open plan with Hilda?s desk being surrounded by screens with a chair in front of her desk.
I went up one day with a query about a customer but before I went I went into the toilet and removed my pants and jock strap. I was wearing a long dust-coat so this did not matter too much. However my penis was now free for masturbation.
I went up to Hilda?s office and sat down and asked her to check this query.
I knew it would take a little time to go through the clients account and while she was busy with the computer I began to masturbate. I gazed at her breasts only 4 /feet/">feet away from my penis and could see that on this day she had on a flesh colored half cup bra.
I managed to get my cock to almost come when Hilda looked at me and asked me something about the client. I answered and as Hilda looked down at the computer screen she touched her left breast. I came in a hot stream of semen all over the front panel of her desk just out of her sight. It was the biggest load I had shot for quite a long time. I was lucky to get out of her office without being caught.

A few weeks later still masturbating daily to Hilda?s breast?s.,
Then late one evening picked up a prostitute and bought her to the office and told her that I was going to call her Hilda. I explained that I had an obsession with Hilda?s breasts and bras and the young prostitute was only too happy to help me ease my load. I put my penis into the lips of her vagina and pushed it all the way in. I said to her ?Hilda porn videos download I am going to fuck you pregnant? and she said ?Oh yes please /cunt/cunt-fuck/fuck-my-cunt/">fuck my cunt and make me pregnant.?
I entered her vagina from the rear and the front and managed to come twice into her wet and dripping cunt that night. Her vagina clasped my penis and my sperm shot into her wet sopping cunt and I hoped that her womb would be filled with my semen. I knew that my penis was able to make /women/">women pregnant and I hoped that this young prostitute would be happy to receive my spunk into her cunt and make a baby.

I having truly fucked the young prostitute took her back into town and then went home for what remained of the night.

The next morning I was back at my masturbation post waiting to see Hilda and her breasts and vagina walking towards me while I masturbated my penis. Sure enough I managed to come again seeing her lovely ripe breasts encased in the bra that she wore and thinking of the young prostitute who had accepted my sperm into her womb just a few hours before.

Believe it or not it was not more than a few weeks before I heard that Hilda was pregnant and would be on maternity leave in a few months. I like to believe that my penis entry into the young prostitute helped make Hilda pregnant and my sperm was a factor in her getting her womb fertile. I naturally masturbated each day that I saw her slowly ripening body in particular her breasts, what a lucky baby and husband she has. They can both suckle on her ripe milky breasts.
I did once during Hilda?s pregnancy telephone her at home one evening. I called, with an erect and throbbing penis in my hand and asked her if I could buy her a bra. She was surprised and said why? I then came and told her that I wished that I had fucked her and made her preggy but she then put the telephone down. But my penis was relived of its load of semen for then at least.

I did want so much to impregnate Hilda that my penis and the young prostitute helped her I am sure, she made a wonderfully fuckable mother.

I will always remember my sperm going into that prostitute and her being my Hilda for that moment.